GP-SIG (Geo-referenced Information Systems research Group)

GP-GIS brings together researchers articulated in research projects that use geotechnologies as a unifying element. Started in 2004, this group is linked to the Postgraduate Program and Research in Modeling in Earth and Environmental Sciences (Georeferenced Spectrumradiometry and Image Processing Laboratories) and also linked to the IN-TREE - National Institute of Science and Technology in Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Studies in Ecology and Evolution, approved in May 2016 by the CNPQ. In the projects developed by GP-SIG, georeferenced data processing techniques (digital image processing, geostatistics, integrated spatial analysis) are applied for the analysis, modeling and simulation of scenarios. In 2015, GP-GIS joined the MapBiomas Network, a multi-institutional initiative that operates an online platform designed to map the changes in land cover and use of Brazilian biomes through the processing of historical satellite imagery series .

Research Lines

- Epidemiology and space

- Geotechnologies applied to natural resources management.

- Monitoring of natural disasters by remote sensing and geoprocessing

- Remote sensing of coastal and marine environments

Group Leaders

Prof. Dr. Washington of Jesus Sant'Anna da Franca Rocha
Profa Dr. Joselisa Maria Chaves

Main Area

Exact and Earth Sciences, Geosciences

Group Institution

Feira de Santana State University - UEFS

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